What is LION Learning?

In LION Learning you find proven good practices for working with disadvantaged target groups who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). It doesn’t matter whether you are a trainer, teacher, coach, mentor or social worker, LION Learning provides you with tools to improve your work. Please feel free to try the good practices and to share your own practices with LION Learning.

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Sharing your practice


When sharing your good practice, the first step is to look at the key elements of the practice. This first step is done by the contributor of the practice and takes only five minutes.


Each practice is tested at least three times. Geographical spread, different target groups and different users are key variables to ensure the testing leads to the identification of a true good practice.


The third step is to review the testing; via for example surveys and discussions. Feedback is recorded via written text, films and/or photography. We believe that testimonials encourage other users to use the good practices.


The final step is to check whether the practice gets the quality mark from LION Learning. The quality mark guarantees the quality of the practice and makes the tool a "good practice" in the European area of Lifelong Learning.

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